iPhone XR

So Apple just released their newest iPhone yet. The iPhone XR. It can be quoted as the largest LCD screen size iPhone ever with 6.1". It can be called the best phone in the industry bringing together the best LCD screen ever on mobile phones, an industry top-notch cover screen resist to both water and dust. Coming along with 6 elegant finishes.

Designed to showcase innovation the wireless charging technology has been improved to measure to the needs of the end users with the introduction of even easier wireless charging in the new iPhone XR. With its pioneering face recognition authentication software, iPhone brings around a top-notch security system that makes authentication even easier by a look.

While using Apple's Neural engine, the iPhone XR is expected to exceed users expectation with higher graphics performance, even higher processing power all while saving the power consumption of the device.

We all know what is said about iPhone cameras, or the camera in front of the mirror?  Well iPhone XR integrates its legendary capturing ability with the neural Engine to give you a sizzling experience for you as its end user. As a sign of elegance, each capture can be altered just as you want it to be.

Did I mention that it supports up to 1080HD video capturing? or 4K video ability? Well the focus for the iPhone XR has been to up its video capturing and display ability more than the previous iPhones.

Well known, the iPhone stands out for their security, it's the phone that assures you the privacy of data and its safety. Every component is built just so that the security of the system is delivered as promised, top-notch.

There have been discussions on whether the iPhone XR has the innovations that make its the new king in the market. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Visit your nearest Apple store or Apple dealer to have a glimpse of the new device in town.