Samsung Note 9

Recently, Samsung launched what it's can be considered its best technology yet. The Samsung Note 9. The technology that comes with this sleek mobile device is just mouth gaping. To cover the needs of its users, Samsung has been on a journey to ensure it maintains its threatened dominance in the Android platform mobile providers. 

Now back to our agenda today, let`s talk about the Note 9, which the company brags and I quote, "The phone powerful enough to keep up with you".

To make sure that there services to you as there customer goes on uninterrupted, Samsung Note 9 ships with a 4000mAh battery life that assures you of its use all day long with a single charge. This is set to seen as previous attempts to create day-long battery life as always failed or fallen short of the end user expectation.

Did I mention that the phone is a wireless chargeable? Yes, you heard me well. Samsung ships in a well optimized wireless charging technology that just needs you to set the phone down as your device is already charging. 

To ensure that you enjoy your luxury without the fear of memory, the Note 9 ships in two storage capacities, 128 GB and 512 GB built in. As if that is not enough, the storage is extendable by another 512 GB SD card storage. 

If you can afford a Samsung Note 9 then you definitely expect a super high network connectivity. To meet that demand, Note 9 ships with integrated gigabit LTE and Wi-Fi capabilities and a 4x4 MIMO antenna that allows you to tap into extraordinary network speed up to 1.2Gbps.

The processing power of the Note 9 takes mobile technology to a new level. Whether it's gaming, streaming, or multitasking, the 10nm processor and 8GB RAM deliver performance that will give you a rush of joy. And with access to lightning fast network speeds, things get done in a flash, or should I say by the touch?

Are you looking for a high-end Samsung phone that gives the opportunity to have your work and home line with you? Samsung has got you covered. With the new Note 9, you get two sim card slots and the power of LTE network on one device.

Do we need to talk about the stereo that makes the audio on the Note 9 a new experience every time? Note 9 makes listening to music or watching a movie on your phone worth it. With four preset modes that put you in the middle of a theater-like experience, Note 9 steps it up with designs by AKG.

Stuck in traffic? or bored at home? a game on your phone could be the answer. Samsung thought the same. With its water-carbon cooling system, Samsung ensures that you never have to feel the heat at the peak of your gaming experience. With the Smart Performance Adjuster, you can be sure that the game performance will be without a glitch. You can also turn off the notifications or just have pop-ups to ensure an enjoyable gaming experience. 

Can we really talk about a phone without talking about its camera? This you definitely need to see for yourself. There is more to talk about the Samsung Note 9. If you got the thirst for more, visit your nearest Samsung outlet or just get a taste with the presentation.